Yanmar VIO50 - 5 T

The ViO50U is a true Zero Tail Swing machine: neither the counterweight nor the front part of the upper frame exceed the width of the crawlers.

Combining long experience and unrivalled expertise, YANMAR’s technology ensures environmental performance and high efficiency.

Daily and weekly rates available!

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Machine Spec
Operating Weight 4,700/4,770 kg (rubber crawlers/steel crawlers)
Transport weight 4,625/4,695 kg (rubber crawlers/steel crawlers)
Engine type 4TNV88-BXBVA
Rated output Rated output
Transport dimensions (L x w x h) 5,250 x 1,970 x 2,640 mm
Travelling speed 2.3 / 4.6 km/h
Grade ability 30º

*models may vary as will all measurements etc depending on model of machine supplied