Yanmar VIO17 - 1.7 T

The VIO17 is a real zero tail swing machine: neither the counterweight nor the front part of the upper frame exceeds the width of the crawlers. Creator of the zero tail swing concept, yanmar developed this machine to be perfect for works in urban areas. Very polyvalent thank to its variable undercarriage in width, the VIO17 is easily transportable and will enable you to go where no other excavator of this weight can and therefore to be much more productive on narrow worksites.

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Machine Spec
Operating Weight 1765 kg
Transport Dimensions 3450 x 950 x 2370 mm
Digging Depth 2200 mm
Dumping Height 2630 mm
Rear Swing Radius 640 mm
Digging Force (arm/bucket) 8.53 / 15.2 kN
Travelling Speed 2.1 – 4.3 km/h
Yanmar Diesel Engine 3 cylinders, 854 cm³
10.1 kW / 13.7 HP / 2200 rpm

*models may vary as will all measurements etc depending on model of machine supplied