AVANT Trencher

With Avant and trencher you can easily dig narrow trenches without damaging the ground on the digging area. The trencher does a clean trench which can easily be filled with a bucket or a dozer blade. Planetary drive with hydraulic motor guarantee powerful and trouble free operation.

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Machine Spec
  • Trencher is ideal for smaller cable or pipe laying.
  • Digging speed with a trencher is 2-3 times quicker compared to a backhoe
  • Combination of an articulated Avant and trencher leaves almost no marks of digging operations after the work is done. This makes it a perfect solution for gardens and other lawn areas.
  • Very fast and clean way to dig trenches for cables, drains, piping etc.
  • Digs only 100-200 mm wide trench and moves all ground to the right side of the trench
  • Minimal damage to the ground on trenching area.

*models may vary as will all measurements etc depending on model of machine supplied

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